Election for the Position of Dean

Why I want to run…
With deep esteem for such a respected and ancient institution as the First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University, I decided to present my candidature for its Dean.
I spent more than half of my life at the Faculty. It is a place that constantly fills and stimulates me. The opportunity to educate the next generation of physicians and other health care professionals, as well as the possibility of research and contact with the latest medical knowledge, brings me a lot of joy.
I have a lot of friends at the Faculty. There are many wonderful colleagues, gifted and interested students here.
The Faculty has extraordinary potential and I would like to participate in its activities in the coming years. In the case of being elected Dean, it would be a great honor to devote all my energy, commitment, creative and organizational skills and enthusiasm to this work.
I am ready to discuss my program and I will be grateful for further comments and suggestions.
However, at the moment we have to deal mainly with the emergency situation, to ensure the education to the maximum possible extent and from my position of Vice-Dean I consider this as my main task!
I would like to thank all those involved, teachers, students, and administrators. A big thank you to the students performing volunteering.

Program concepts

Program synopsis