Curriculum vitae

  • born 17/10/1962 in Prague (Czech Republic, form. Czechoslovakia)
  • 1987 MD (Medical Faculty of Charles University, Prague
  • clinical experience in internal medicine
  • 1994-96 INSERM U.82 (Paris, France) – research on mycobacteria and sarcoidosis
  • 1997 CSc. (PhD) – study of porphyrin metabolism
  • 2005 associate professor of pathological physiology
  • 2012 head of the Institute of Pathological Physiology of the First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University
  • Vice-Dean for Theoretical and Pre-clinical Education of the First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague) – from Sept 1st, 2008 till August 2012
  • Vice-Dean for Study Affairs and Theoretical and Pre-clinical Education from 1/9/2012
  • Dean of the First Faculty of Medicine from 1/9/2020
  • 2020 professor of pathological physiology
  • Member of the Scientific Board

Pregraduate Teaching

  • 1982-83: anatomy (as undergraduate student during the anatomical dissections)
  • 1983-87: pathophysiology (as undergraduate student during the practical trainings)
  • from 1987: pathophysiology as PhD student, assistant professor and associate professor
  • courses in Czech and English, mainly pathophysiology of cardiovascular system, liver, metabolism (iron, porphyrins)
  • author and co-authors of Czech textbooks of pathophysiology


  • iron metabolismus and its regulation, gene expression of regulatory and transport molecules (mainly hepcidine), iron chelatation
  • exosome study in nephrological diseases and in cell cultures and tumor cells
  • porphyrin metabolisms
  • apoptosis and its cytofluorimetric detection
  • molekular genetic detection of mykobacterias and sarcoidosis pathogenesis (stay in  France in the 90th)
  • grants, project, incl. coordinator of Prvouk and Progres (university programs)

Postgraduate teaching

Tutor in biomedicine: Human physiology and pathophysiology and Biochemistry and patobiochemistry (iron metabolism and its research, iron chelators)


  • author or co-author of scientific papers, 39 in journals with IF (mainly with J. Krijt, J. Hugo, Z. Humlová, Z. Mělková, M. Haluzík, P. Maruna, V Tesař and French colleagues, mainly A. J. Hance)
  • citations SCI (Web of Science) without autocitations 930, H-index 15 (January 2021)
  • author of Czech medical dictionaries
  • author or co-author of textbooks of pathological physiology
  • co-author of textbook of Medical French (Rokyta, Stejskal, Vokurka; Grada 2007)
  • organization of medical congresses with international participation (with the Associaton of Czech Francophone Doctors, www.amft.cz)
  • literature books (stories, poetry)

Czech Medical Dictionaries

I am one of the principal authors of the Czech medical dictionaries. These dictionaries are published from 1994 by the Maxdorf publishing house. The latest (10th) edition of the Great Medical Dictionary (“Velký lékařský slovník”) has over 45,000 entries and over 1,113 pages and was published in 2015.

Francouzština pro lékaře (French for Physicians, Francais pour les médecins)

This book by R. Rokyta, R. Stejskal and M. Vokurka was published in October 2007 by Grada Publishing. It is a practical book for Czech doctors or medical students who come to France and other French speaking countries or to the French who come to the Czech Republic (e.g. Erasmus students).